How to start managing your gambling.

Not ready to stop gambling? You can still take more control and reduce the chance it develops into a problem that seriously impacts your life, finances and relationships. If you’ve made the choice to continue gambling, consider taking these steps to keep it manageable.

Only use disposable income to gamble.

  1. Disposable income is money left over after all necessary bills and other expenses are paid.

  2. Do not borrow from others including spouse, family and friends.

  3. Do not use credit cards, check cashing places, savings accounts or take out loans for gambling.

  4. Do not pawn or sell anything in order to gamble.

Decide the amount of money to spend before gambling and stick to it.

  1. Do not bring extra money with you.

  2. Do not bring credit cards, checks, debit cards.

  3. Do not bring and leave these things in your car.

  4. Do not bring paychecks to the casino to cash.

Decide the amount of time to spend gambling before going and stick to it.

  1. If necessary, set an alarm on your watch to remind you that it is time to leave.

Decide how often you will gamble and stick to it. Develop accountability with your gambling.

  1. Tell someone about your plan to go gamble.

  2. Tell them when you will return.

  3. Tell them how much money you plan to spend.

Schedule your gambling in advance.

  1. If you have the urge to gamble, wait three days before doing it.

  2. Protect your money from the impulsivity and the emotions that create the worst gambling experiences.

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