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If you want to learn more about problem gambling and tips on how to make a change in your life, consider looking at some of the resources below.

The illusion of control in gambling

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How to enjoy football season without betting

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Are These 3 Gambling Myths Keeping You Trapped?

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Bigger than the Bet: 3 Ways Problem Gambling Hurts the Ones You Love

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Understanding—and Overcoming—Your Biggest Gambling Triggers

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Meet Justin: Nebraska Problem Gambling Assistance Program Helpline Specialist

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Think Young People Know the Dangers of Gambling? Think Again.

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The Burden of Betting: The Undeniable Risks of Problem Gambling and Suicidal Tendencies

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Wondering How to Stop Gambling on Sports? Start Reading.

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Dangerous Games: The Dark Side of Slot Machines’ Bright Lights

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Gambling — Not Your Average Fun and Games

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Four Truths About Gambling’s Impact on Your Family

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Taking Your Bet Is Never a Gamble for Your Bookie

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 Real Stories from Real Gamblers

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Key Signs of Positive Progress from a Former Gambler and a NPGAP-Certified Problem Gambling Professional

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What to Expect When You Change Your Gambling

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