Three Real Stories from Real Gamblers That Prove Progress Is Possible

Statistics show that working with a Nebraska Problem Gamblers Assistance (NPGAP) certified gambling professional is an effective way to change your gambling. In fact, 87% of our clients report successfully decreasing their gambling as a result of engaging a NPGAP professional.

But when you’re in the middle of it all, struggling to make changes and stuck gambling more than you want to, statistics fall flat.

That’s why we want to share three powerful progress stories from real gamblers who made real (lasting) changes. These people are no different from you. But they took the first step towards changing their gambling. Then another, and another.

Think about their stories. And when you’re ready to be next, call or text the helpline 1-833-BETOVER (238-6837).

Story 1: A current client’s slow-but-steady progress

I was able to stop gambling on my own for about six months. But I didn’t have support or anyone to talk to about my problems, so that change was short-lived. Eventually, I realized I couldn’t do this alone. I started working with a NPGAP certified problem gambling professional to finally face this battle head-on.

Within a few months, I started making progress I could be proud of. I noticed my connections and relationships getting better. My routine completely changed and I started to figure out who I was without gambling. My NPGAP professional helped me get back to basics and begin building the life I actually wanted— one without gambling, bookies, and casinos.

For me, one of the most helpful tools they gave me was the Pros and Cons exercise. That made me start weighing the benefits and drawbacks of my decisions. I could see how every decision impacted my life. Then I felt empowered to make better ones. Between that exercise and the constant positive reinforcement from my NPGAP professional, I was able to work through my gambling challenges, consider the consequences, and make different choices.

Working with a NPGAP professional helped me see that it’s possible to permanently change my life and get rid of gambling for good. I’ve now successfully quit gambling for over a year!

Story 2:  When you understand how gambling impacts your brain, changing your gambling becomes easier

For me, part of the thrill of gambling was the potential for a big, quick win. When it came to changing my gambling, I had to let go of the need for instant gratification. I knew change wasn’t going to happen overnight and would require hard work. I couldn’t just show up once and then expect everything to be fine.

Once I accepted that and started meeting with a NPGAP certified problem gambling professional, they helped me understand how the brain works and how my emotions and mindset impact my gambling. They gave me resources to handle all kinds of situations that pushed me to gamble. And they really welcomed me with open arms.

I knew I could make a real change in my life because my NPGAP professional had already helped so many people before me. If it worked for them, why not me? So, I quit living in shame and desperation, and started living free, hopeful, and honest.

Story 3: When you change your gambling, everything changes

When I was gambling, I was completely consumed by trying to “make money.” But I never actually made any. In fact, I lost over $1,000,000 to gambling— and that wasn’t even my money.

I realized it was time to make a change, so I started working with a NPGAP professional. Not long after, two big things changed for me.

First, life got easier. Instead of constantly thinking about how I’d pay the casino or the bookies, I had time to think about my family and my life. My mind was freed up to focus on more than just gambling.

Secondly, I started spending my time differently. I used to spend hours watching sports to make bets. Now, I spend that time with my wife and kids.

Changing my gambling changed my priorities and my mindset.

These are three stories of people who made a successful change. And we could share thousands more just like this

The first step to making a change is deciding to make that change. Your family, your partner, your friends, your boss, and even the legal system can’t make that change for you. But you can. And we can help.

Give your gambling story a happy ending with free, confidential help from a certified problem gambling professional from the Nebraska Problem Gamblers Assistance Program

You don’t have to change your gambling alone. Call or text the helpline 1-833-BETOVER (238-6837) to talk to a professional or get information to help your loved one.

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